I was inspired into photography by travel and fatherhood; two subjects and experiences that make me wish my camera were a physical appendage. Since that would be anatomically weird, I use photography as a truthful extension of myself – my ideas, my vision, my perspective and my creativity.

I love the feeling of looking through my viewfinder, finding goosebumps, and translating that sensation into the images I create.

One of my goals in photography is to give the viewer a similar experience; that is, putting the viewer in my shoes, igniting the senses and opening apertures that are parallel to my experiences in the field.

When commissioned, my aim is to blend landscape, life, and liveliness with the light that nature offers, to deliver those same sensations to my clients through the images that we make together.

Clients have included several commercial advertising agencies, UNIQLO and Marriot Hotels and has been featured by Shooter Magazine, Buzzfeed, Lensblr, by the Lensbaby (creative lensmaker) and most importantly by my son at 'show and tell', which has by far been the biggest honor.




Kamau, The Photographer, is the alter-ego of Kamau, The Brand Strategist, who you can learn more about here.